About Us

Kohd & Art (pronounced 'Code and Art') is the software development and creative services company of Greg Gagnaux, based in Vancouver, BC.

We specialize in creating web applications for businesses and individuals. Kohd & Art was founded to combine the software development and photographic skills of our founder.

Greg Gagnaux - Founder/Director

Our founder, Greg, has been involved with software development for 15+ years now and photography professionally for 5+ years.

After graduating from BCIT with a diploma in Electronics, he embarked on his software development career. He is predominantly a self-taught programmer, but has completed numerous courses in the discipline at BCIT, has attained a Microsoft Certified Professional designation in SQL Server and is currently working towards a Microsoft Certified Solution Developer designation, specializing in Web Application development.

In addition to his technical training, he has completed Langara's photography diploma program which has helped provide the necessary technical skills in photography and post-production.

He can be found on the following social media sites:

Greg Gagnaux - Founder/Director